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Do you need help getting referrals? Or just looking for more referrals? Would you like to share in E-Mail Pays U future earnings? Then become a Gold Member!!

Becoming a Gold Member will help you maximize your potential earnings with E-Mail Pays U. Each day 100's of new people from all over the world join E-Mail Pays U. More than half these new members join without any referral ID and are placed in our program with E-Mail Pays U as their default sponsor. Not any more!!

Income Example:
This is only example and not a guarantee of earnings!

Example Only
: 100 of your referrals read 1 $.02 Paid Emails each day = 100 x $.01 = $1.00 a day x 30 days = $30 a Month!

Example Only : 100 of your referrals read 5 $.02 Paid Emails each day = 100 x $.01 = $5.00 away x 30 days = $150 Month!

Become a Gold Member and share these new referrals with other Gold Members. Anyone visiting the homepage of E-mail Pays U will now be forwarded through a rotational schedule to a Gold Members page. See for yourself! Click below,

Click Here

E-Mail Pays U will use all money raised from our Gold Membership in massive internet advertising campaigns. With the referrals from this advertising shared with our Gold Membership

There are 2 levels of Gold Membership. Regular Gold Membership is a one-time fee of $18.00. You will never be charged another fee associated with the Gold Membership and you will be a Gold Member for life. Regular Gold Members will receive at least 25 referrals in the first 90 days.

NEW Premier Gold Membership

Become a Premier Gold Member and receive 40 + referrals in the first 90 days and the new "Get Paid to Read Emails" t-shirt! A great looking light weight shirt with the loveable walking penny and the "Get Paid to Read Email" slogan on back and across the front.

By becoming a Premier Gold Member $4.99 monthly subscription payment you separate yourself from other e-mailpaysu members and establish yourself as serious online consumer. The type of consumer "ad viewer" that our advertisers are looking to attract to their websites. Premier Gold Members often receive many more paid to read email advertisements. Minimum payout for Premier subscribers is only $45 as compared to $75 for free members and $50.00 for regular gold members. This means more commission payments in a more timely manner!

Purchase Your Gold Membership Now!

  Premier Gold Membership - $4.99 Monthly 40+ Referrals in 90 days and t-shirt!

$18 - Credit Card - Click Here:

  One Time $18 - 25 Referrals

NOTE: The Gold Membership Fee is Non-refundable. There are no guarantees of any earnings of any kind implied. There are no average number of referrals received by gold members. Some subscribers have received 100's of referrals while some gold members have received less. The system is completely random. As funds are allocated for advertising as soon as we receive them. This insures and steady flow of new sign-ups for our Gold Members.

We wouldn't offer the new Gold Membership unless we thought it would benefit our membership. We only instituted this concept of membership at the encouragement of our members. As always feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Join Now!

 Customer Support 936-661-7786 * P.O. Box 8147 * Huntsville, Texas 77340

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