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Q: Is there any cost associated with being a member?

There is absolutely no cost to join as a free member. We pay you! Earn $10 just for joining!

Q: How and when will I be paid?

Member commissions shall be paid by company check. Once your account balance reaches the minimum $125.00 balance ($100 Gold Members)  you will be eligible to receive payment

Q: What is Gold Membership?

Becoming a Gold Member is a great way to kick start your earnings! Remember you earn 50% of the cash value of all the paid email advertisements read by your referrals. 100 referrals read 1 paid email advertisement you earn as much as $1.00. You do the math! Talk about adding up quickly. Gold Members receive payouts $25 sooner then free members and also quickly because we don't have to audit their accounts. Gold members are much more attractive target audience to our advertisers, resulting in Gold Members receiving potentially more paid email advertisements. Click here to Go Gold!

Q: How can I view how much I have earned?

To view your earnings, edit your account, view referrals log into the members area with your unique user name and password.

Q: How many paid-to-read e-mails will I receive?

As many as we can send you. The number of emails you receive is determined by the number of advertisers we attract and your selected categories. We match your selected categories with our advertisers needs.

Q: How does the paid-to-click work?
Our members are allowed to visit our daily website and earn $.005 (1/2 a penny) for each website they visit. Currently limited to 6 websites or less a day. Just another opportunity for you to earn extra daily!

Q: How does the Paid-to-Sign program work?

By joining selective offers, or purchasing particular products you can receive cash back earnings added directly to your E-mail Pays U account. Many of these offers are completely free of charge! You can add as much as $500 to your account! Please allow 1 to 7 days for your account to be credited. Click here to view all the current offers.

Q: What is a Paid with Points E-mail? How is that Different from a Paid to Read Email?

We send the paid with point e-mail advertisements when online advertising slows down. Better to earn points then to earn nothing at all. The points are given a value based on the effectiveness of the point e-mail advertising campaign. Points are exchanged for cash (6) times yearly. You are automatically subscribed to the paid with point e-mail advertisements. You do not have to be subscribed to the paid with point e-mail advertisements to be a member of E-mail Pays U. You must be subscribed to the paid with point email advertisements to earn money on the point email advertisements read by your referrals.

Q: How can I take part in your referral pay program?

Upon joining our program you will receive a unique referral link that you can send to your friends and family. When they click on your referral link and join EMPU they will be placed in your referral group. Earning you nice referral commission on ever email read!

Q: What do I do if I lost my referral link? Or if I lost my password and user ID?

Easy! Just click the link to the left that says Members Area. Then enter your e-mail address under where it says Forgot or lost information. Then check your e-mail. Our system will immediately email your requested information.

Q: How will I know that people have joined my EMPU referral group?

You will receive an email from us letting you know that someone has joined your referral group. You can also at any time simply visit the members area. There is a link on the left hand side of your screen that says Members Area. Click the link and enter your user name and password. Then simply click view stats. That is all there is to it! From the members area you can update your selected interest categories, view your account balance and update your account.

Q: What if my email address or mailing address changes?

Just log into the members area and edit your profile. If your mailing address changes log into the members area and click add address.

Q: My family uses the same computer can we each have a membership?

Sure! The only requirement is that each member have their own unique e-mail address. We do track IP address but this is to assist us in tracking cheaters. Please email admin and let us know first.

Q: Do you have a privacy policy? Will others see my information?

Insuring your privacy is a TOP PRIORITY with E-mail Pays U. Your information will never be sold, rented, or other wise distributed in any way to an outside party. Click here to read our full Privacy Policy.


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